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Media Offer

We are offering a more dynamic worldwide market with


The Kizman Travel Group is opening up a new revolutionary technology that will increase the rate of accommodation bookings efficiently and giving high level of satisfaction for the continuously growing travel needs of the customers. Our system will be worldwide soon and our mission is to be the most efficient, to be the most wanted and to be the most popular travel portal! In one word:


 TO BE THE No. 1 in the world!


We will open up in 70 countries in a short period of time. That means everybody in the world can see our Partner's accommodation offers.

The main characteristic of the technology is to place the knowledge of traditional marketing method on an electronic platform. We are continuously proving and developing our State of the Art system according to the market demand! Appearing in 49 languages makes us to be available for everybody in the world.


Our aim is to increase the competitiveness of our accommodation providing Partner's that clearly will show in numbers.


Our appearance will open up an extremely dynamic market for guests and providers as well.


We believe that our media project and system are largely contribute for the low cost advertising and a lot higher booking traffic in the same time.


What are we offering to increase standard and efficiency?


  • A free market listings and appearance on our Web site, (just click on the "Property Registration" link on the top of the page)
  • A free listing of Conference/Meeting and Wedding Venues (if you manage any),
  • An automatic, non-stop online advertising activity,
  • A cost efficient and more dynamic market appearance,
  • A Process following administration,
  • Continuous and useful statistics,
  • An extremely low cost,
  • Efficient electronic representation, and direct advertising support,
  • A real activity that turns visitors into guests,
  • Customer Service / Hotline
  • Continuous development for lifting advertising efficiency,
  • Providing the highest standard,
  • Continuous market research and developments that also needs our Partner's feedbacks and suggestions.


We are more than happy to assist you or answer any of your questions.

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