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Advertising Options

Increasing booking traffic in a different and more efficient way!

The first International multi functional accommodation booking portal of Cyprus!

Let us introduce the services of the new International promotional and accommodation booking portal, the that works with a lot more efficient solution packages than any other portals.


The is not just a traditional online provider, but an extremely beneficial co-operative partner.  We would like to contribute to the success of our partners with our
booking-increasing marketing and technology solutions that is freely available. We are able to help our accommodation providing partners to reach their business goals with our high quality and dynamic promotion and technology developing services, a continuous professional marketing, also providing a direct contact with potential visitors.


Our basic service

is providing a continuously refreshed and developed booking portal, the which is clear to understand and easy to use for partners and for potential visitors as well.



We insist the importance of multi lingual environment. The Web site will appear in all of those languages where we have operating partner anywhere in the world and the visitors can chose their own language. Currently we are opened in Australia & Oceania, Croatia, Cyprus, France, Hungary, Italy, Malta, New Zealand, Philippines, United Kingdom & Ireland and in Romania. Shortly our sites will come up in Austria, Denmark, China, Germany, Greece, Norway, Sweden, Spain and continuously other countries as well.


So we are offering a worldwide accommodation booking portal that you will get straight away with

the next possibilities for FREE if you choose to JOIN US NOW!

  • A free market listings and appearance on our Web site, (just click on the "Property Registration" link on the top of the page)
  • A free listing of Conference/Meeting and Wedding Venues (if you manage any),
  • Usage of the automatic booking system,
  • E-mail notifications of bookings or quotation requests,  
  • Detailed description of your Hotel,
  • Upload separate room types,
  • Upload accommodation and separate discounted packages,
  • Upload up to 15 photos into your gallery - plus 10 of your rooms, even panoramic images,
  • Location on the Google map,
  • Access to our administration system,
  • Different administration rights inside your Hotel (Partner administrator, Hotel administrator, Receptionist),
  • Translated in 49 languages,
  • Upload pricelists,
  • Monthly statistics of visitors, suggestions for increasing efficiency,
  • Listing in the Kizman Travel search engine,
  • Free, 1 time publishing in the Kizman Travel Newsletter which is sent out regularly to more then 200 000 e-mail addresses and keeps growing as new countries are opening,
  • Highlighted advertising possibilities,
  • Customer Service / Hotline, 
  • Continuously increasing the number of visitors,
  • Simple upload options and modification options any time in the login secured Hotel Admin platform,


More than a quarter of millions of potential visitors in the time of our first campaign!

Why is it worth to join us as an Accommodation Provider?

Because, those accommodation provider partners who contract with us, can enjoy the benefits of our monumental introduction campaign that lasts for life time of our contract.

Just imagine if you have to contact and handle a quarter of millions of customers!


There is no joining fee and the contract is for unlimited time! We only ask 10% commission of the tendered bookings that made through the booking portal.


You also have an opportunity to advertise your Accommodation with one of those banners on the top of our main page.

The gross prices are the next for the WELL DISCOUNTED introductory advertising options:

  • Featured Accommodations / Events:                                                                    €35 / month
  • Featured Conference Venue:                                                                                €35 / month
  • Accommodation of the week:                                                                                €55 / week (exclusively)
  • Accommodation of the month:                                                                           €170 / month (exclusively)
  • Small banners on the right hand side:                                                               €55 / month
  • Small animated banner on the right hand side:                                               €90 / month
    (If you purchase these for a full year, you only pay for 10 months!)   
  • Country Image (the largest banner on the top left side):                              €430 / month
  • (We keep the time limitation rights of this option)
  • Listing in our Newsletter:

            - In a list form with photo and a crosslink option to your Hotel site:       €20 / publication


            - You will get listed automatically once if you purchase any of the above options.


These advertising options also can be bartered with a redeemable

Accommodation Voucher in the next values:

  • Featured Accommodations / Events:                                                                   €85 / month
  • Accommodation of the week:                                                                              €130 / week (exclusively)
  • Accommodation of the month:                                                                           €425 / month (exclusively)
  • Small banners on the right hand side:                                                             €175 / month
  • Small animated banner on the right hand side:                                             €225 / month
  • Country Image (the largest banner on the top left side):                            €1080 / month


If you would like to order any of the above options, please e-mail us on the e-mail address.

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